Thursday, January 17, 2008

Best of the Best: Body Scrub

Ah, our capitalist market, how it wants us to buy, buy, buy. Numerous products, but which ones really are all they claim to be? There are many nice bath products, but nice is not enough: I want amazing! While living and working in New York City this summer with my boyfriend I was introduced to Sabon's incredible body scrub.

Walking around Manhattan with my mother who was visiting us for a few days, we ended up wandering into Sabon and were offered to try their body scrub by one of the salespeople. The store conveniently has a large sink-type thing with 4 faucets in the middle of the store, precisely so that customers can try (and be sold on) their bathproducts.

I didn't think much about trying the product. It smelled good, just like an infinite number of bath products; we were offerred to choose from either 'Lavender', 'Tropic', 'Vanilla Coconut' or 'Lemon Mint' scents. I love both vanilla and coconut smells and decided to try that scrub (mmm, my nose was delighted!). The scrub felt good on my skin, not to oily, not to rough, just - perfect. Up to that point I thought, alright, this is good stuff, but what made it amazing is how it felt and smelled after I washed it off.

My mom and I both agreed, it's such a strange feeling, which neither of us have ever felt before. Rinsing off the body scrub it feels like one's skin is coated in somekind of invisible silk - the skin feels incredibly soft, even after drying our hands again. Many of my friends have complemented me on my hands for being so soft, and it was incredible that some kind of bath product could make them feel even softer! My mom's older skin, which is usually quite dry, for the first time in a long time felt genuinely soft and moist. I later brought my boyfriend to Sabon and his skin was also wonderful after using this body scrub.

And a bonus: the scent lasts for hours and hours. The day I first tried Sabon I later had to go and work. I showed off my newly-found product to one of my gay male coworkers and he was amazed and decided he too would have to buy this body scrub. The softness and yummy vanilla coconut scent remained all day. Now just imagine how wonderful this scrub is when used all over the body - especially when showering together with your other half... let's just say it leads to very good things.

The only downside of this product, which I nevertheless rate 10 out of 10, is its cost. 500 ml costs $30. Also, be careful if you are going to transport this product long-distance. They'll tape it up for you quite well, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Ah, I do wish Sabon didn't only exist in New York - if I'm ever back in the city buying more of this body scrub is definitely on my to-do list. Until then, I ration out this product for myself and enjoy it immensely every time I use it.

Rating: 10/10

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